My work in long-format content includes a documentary about coffee shop entrepreneurship, featuring industry pioneers like the founders of Groundworks and Coava Coffee. This project offers a narrative-rich exploration of their personal challenges and triumphs. I also worked with an Oscar-winning writer to develop an international feature film and have developed several other feature projects while working for the former chairman of Fox. These experiences showcase my ability to weave complex narratives that capture diverse, global perspectives.


I served as the creative lead and producer for two travel series for the founder of E! Entertainment. These projects showcased my ability to capture and present the unique allure of diverse destinations, weaving compelling narratives that engaged international audiences. My role involved overseeing all creative aspects, from conceptualization to production.

Short form

I spearheaded the creation of over 200 short-form pieces focused on entrepreneurship, featuring celebrities such as Daymond John and Jamie Foxx. These segments were distributed across high-profile platforms including Entrepreneur Magazine, Delta Airlines, Fortune Magazine, and Amazon Prime. My team highlighted influential narratives and insights into the entrepreneurial journey, ensuring each piece was both informative and inspiring.

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