Amazon enlisted our expertise to craft a campaign for their Climate Pledge Friendly initiative, focusing on sustainable products. The goal was to illuminate the user experience and simplify the buying process, making eco-friendly choices more accessible to consumers. We developed a series of engaging content pieces that demonstrated the ease of identifying and purchasing Climate Pledge Friendly items through Amazon’s platform. Through vivid storytelling, interactive visuals, and clear, informative guides, we highlighted the seamless integration of sustainability into everyday shopping. This campaign not only educated consumers but also encouraged a shift towards more environmentally conscious purchasing decisions.
We also crafted a specialized version of the campaign to promote Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly Day. This focused effort highlighted the exclusive deals and extensive range of sustainable products available, encouraging consumers to participate in a day dedicated to environmental awareness and action.

Case studies

We collaborated with the Climate Pledge Fund, an initiative by Amazon aimed at meeting their ambitious climate goals. Our task was to create compelling case studies for the fund, spotlighting the innovative companies they have financed. Each case study was carefully crafted to tell the unique story of these ventures and their contributions to sustainability. Through engaging narratives and impactful visuals, we illustrated how these companies are pivotal in advancing Amazon’s climate objectives. This project not only highlighted the fund’s impact but also inspired other businesses to strive for similar environmental achievements.


To complement the campaign, we developed a photo series that encapsulated the essence of Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly Day. This collection of striking, thoughtful images showcased the sustainable products and the people behind them, creating a visual narrative that resonated across platforms. By integrating these images into a 360 campaign, we enhanced the campaign’s reach and impact, providing a cohesive and immersive experience that aligned with consumers’ values and Amazon’s environmental commitments.
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