Buzzfeed approached us to create interactive quizzes that would blend entertainment with personalized engagement. We developed a unique quiz where users select their makeup style, and in return, the quiz reveals which character they embody from a popular series. It’s important to note that the accompanying video is not interactive but rather illustrates one of the many potential outcomes of the quiz. This example showcases a specific scenario, giving a glimpse into how choices might align with different characters, thus enhancing user interaction and enjoyment on Buzzfeed’s platform. This approach creatively merged personal expression with character-driven narratives.


The quiz we designed for Buzzfeed was infused with whimsy, offering final results that were both entertaining and surprising. Participants could find themselves identified as a queen, a pirate, an astronaut, or various other imaginative roles. This lighthearted and playful approach perfectly aligned with Buzzfeed’s brand, known for its engaging and fun content. The quiz not only captured users’ imaginations but also encouraged repeat engagement, as users were tempted to explore the outcomes of different choices, adding to the overall enjoyment and viral potential of the quiz.
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