For Din Tai Fung’s Lunar New Year promotion, we crafted a campaign that intertwined the rich traditions of the holiday with a heartfelt family story. The narrative followed a multi-generational family gathering to celebrate Lunar New Year at Din Tai Fung, showcasing their moments of joy and reunion around a table filled with signature dishes. This emotive storytelling resonated deeply with the customer base, strengthening their emotional connection to the brand. The campaign not only highlighted the festive offerings but also reinforced Din Tai Fung’s role as a gathering place for memorable celebrations, thus building brand loyalty and recognition during a key cultural event.
The campaign was paired with a dynamic photoshoot that captured the vibrant ambiance of Din Tai Fung during Lunar New Year. The imagery placed audiences right in the heart of the celebration, as if seated at the bustling restaurant, enhancing the immersive experience and deepening the emotional impact of the campaign.


We collaborated with Din Tai Fung to produce a landmark video celebrating their core values, featuring the founders and their sons, who now helm the company. This project marked the first time in 25 years that the family’s story and personal insights were shared publicly. The video intricately wove together the history, dedication to craftsmanship, and family legacy that are foundational to Din Tai Fung. By highlighting the generational handover and the values that guide their business, the video deeply connected with viewers, offering a rare glimpse into the heart of the brand’s enduring success.
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