We collaborated with Dole’s Good Crunch brand to ignite excitement around their fruit bites, positioning them as the next snack obsession through a vibrant social media campaign. Our team crafted eye-catching visuals and engaging video content that highlighted the unique appeal of these crunchy, flavorful snacks. By showcasing the convenience and health benefits in fun, relatable ways, we tailored our assets to resonate with health-conscious consumers and snack enthusiasts alike.
The campaign featured lively animations and mouth-watering photography that made Good Crunch fruit bites a must-try topic across platforms, successfully driving interaction and enhancing brand visibility in a crowded market.


Alongside the main campaign, we conducted a photo shoot to provide Dole with a diverse set of assets for Good Crunch fruit bites. These high-resolution images captured the product’s vibrant colors and textures, offering Dole versatile marketing materials to effectively reach and engage their target audience across multiple channels.

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