Get Covered Illinois

We collaborated with Get Covered Illinois (GCI) to raise awareness about health coverage signups through a visually striking campaign set in a predominantly orange world, echoing the brand’s color. The campaign utilized this vibrant, uniform backdrop to stand out in the clutter of everyday media, capturing the audience’s attention while reinforcing brand identity. The use of this bold, monochromatic scheme not only drew visual interest but also created a distinctive and memorable aesthetic that clearly communicated the importance of health insurance in a simplified, impactful way.
The success of this orange-themed campaign was evident in the significant increase in health coverage signups, achieving GCI’s primary goal. The campaign’s ability to cut through the noise and resonate with Illinois residents led to a tangible uptick in engagement and registrations. Pleased with these results, GCI decided to extend our partnership into the following year, tasking us with the opportunity to build on the previous year’s success and further expand their outreach.

Case studies

For the subsequent campaign, we shifted our approach to feature real-world settings, aiming to connect more directly with Illinois residents. This change in scenery brought the message closer to home for viewers, highlighting relatable, everyday locations where health coverage impacts real lives. By moving away from the abstract and into tangible, familiar scenes, the campaign fostered a deeper sense of relevance and urgency, encouraging even more residents to recognize the value and necessity of getting covered, thus continuing our successful collaboration with GCI.


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