Real Essentials

We developed a comprehensive campaign for Real Essentials, a clothing brand, featuring over 30 videos that spanned from an overarching brand video to detailed product-specific clips. This 360 campaign covered all bases, showcasing the versatility and quality of Real Essentials’ clothing line. Each video was crafted to highlight different aspects of the brand and its products, driving significant engagement and boosting sales. The success of the campaign affirmed Real Essentials’ market position and enhanced its brand visibility.


The video campaign for Real Essentials was complemented by a robust photography effort, which captured the essence and detail of the clothing line in stunning visuals. These high-quality photographs were used across various marketing channels, from social media to print advertising, providing a cohesive visual identity that mirrored the video content. This strategic integration of photography with the video campaign enriched the overall narrative, helping to attract and engage customers, while effectively showcasing the brand’s style and quality.
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