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We believe in the ability of stories to intrigue and inspire in order to change habits, minds, and hearts.
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Behind The Scenes

We work, we have fun, we create an environment of reliability and creativity.


We believe in well thought out treatments and exact story boarding. Building blocks to an efficient on set experience.

All our work goes through a detailed story analysis, so when we are on set we only shoot what is necessary for the client to convey their idea.




On set is where we make our mark. That's the best of all worlds. We believe in getting it in the camera so that the post doesn't have to fix mistakes, rather the post becomes a process of delight.

A great and understanding relationship with crew that encourages respect brings out the most creative efforts from the grips to the cinematographer.

Paris, France

Rosslyn, LA

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Post Production

Post Production for us is a time to wrap the gift, put our best ribbon on it, and deliver it to the client with a thank you note.

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Comedy of Errors

“(Ali)…inventively turns bereft father Egeon's (Michael Stone Forrest) tale of how he lost his four sons — the longest speech in Shakespeare's canon — into a silent black-and-white film” LA Weekly

“with the help of Ali Murtaza's hilariously spot-on silent-era film short created for this production—and the chaos that ensues when everyone shows up in one place.”

Award Nomination

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Ali M.

Director Ali M., a native of Pakistan, grew up listening to his grandmother’s tales of war, lost wealth, and the miracle of life. This, combined with his love of literature and film have made Ali a storyteller in his own right.

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Ali M.


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Go China is a travel show shot in various cities in China with the comedian Hal Sparks as the host. It is set to air on cable and digital platforms in 2020.