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Creative director

I have been in advertising for over a decade, focusing on video content ideation and production. Leading teams of up to 20, my strategic insights and market analysis have contributed to revenue boosts of up to 200%. My passion for innovative, targeted, creative content, grounded in powerful copywriting, has driven account growth. At the core, my storytelling strengthens brand identities and forges customer connections.


I oversaw creative direction on Cottonelle e-commerce product images/videos.


I was the creative lead on this project. Working with the Marlin Agency as well as the Nestle team. This video performed extremely well for client.

Giant Bikes

Giant (biggest bike company in the world), asked us to create a campaign for their latest e-bike launch. I wrote and was the creative behind the launch of the Momentum Cito.

Yogi Tea

I wrote and was the creative lead on this project. It brought together my passion for tea and my interest in wellness.

Walmart – Case Study

Walmart Fulfillment Services came to us looking for case studies for their B2B campaign. We created a series of videos that made the case for why these vendors should consider WFS. The campaign was a huge success and encouraged more to enroll.

NRC Health

In order to show the human side of healthcare for NRC, we created a video that told a story of a true connection that a nurse had with his patient’s family, in a chance encounter. I wrote and directed the concept based on the true story.


We created this video for Lockin, after their latest lock won awards all over the world. This video explores the inspiration behind the iconic lock.

Din Tai Fung

I wrote and creatively led this campaign. Din Tai Fung came to us looking for a video that would convey their core values. They were planning a conference for their managers from across the world and wanted to verbalize the core values in a succinct way.

Visit Seattle

For the city’s ’22 campaign, I was the lead creative on three Broadway commercials, paying homage to Seattle’s theatrical scene. I started the project with a director’s treatment, and oversaw every element, including the stage build and shot lists.

Go China

As the writer and creative lead of this travel show, I had the opportunity to participate in an eye-opening global experience.

Nestle, Stouffer’s

This was a hard-won campaign that exceeded our imaginations and has led to more collaborations. I was responsible for the creative execution of this project, from the director’s treatment to the final edit.


Working with the StackAdapt agency, I was inspired to create something truly heartfelt for a brand that hadn’t previously embraced a story-driven approach. I wrote copy and oversaw creative execution on it.


When Buzzfeed reached out to create a video quiz, I was curious. The final video was fun and performed really well. I wrote and directed this concept.

Excess Telecom

Working with the amazing Mute Six team, I oversaw the creative execution of this project, reinvigorating the partnership we had with the agency.

Amputee Coalition

This commercial series, shot with celebrity amputees across the United States, inspired me to do better and be better. I wrote copy and oversaw creative execution on it.

Get Covered Illinois

It was an honor working with the Flowers Communication Group to create this funny series of multilingual healthcare commercials. I oversaw creative execution on this project.


Close to my heart, this brand video was meant to give you the feels and show how a brand can be the tapestry of your life. I served as the Creative Director for this project.


This project was fraught with challenges because of the underwater nature, but we rose above and overdelivered. I wrote copy and oversaw creative execution on it.


Yet another project that I won for my team. The client was a blast to work for and supported our wild ideas. I wrote copy and oversaw creative execution on it.

DL Skateboards

As a brand short film created for a local skate brand, this was a fun-filled adventure. I wrote and directed this piece.

Rise & Grind

A coffee documentary that I wrote and directed, in conjunction with our partnership with Amazon. Every moment of this was exhilarating.


While I’ve produced multitudes of projects like this, this brand video for a chain of pediatric clinics is close to my heart.

Pella Windows

I won this client for a project in Ohio. Despite the challenges, we delivered a project that inspired the client to come back. I wrote copy and oversaw creative execution on it.